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March 9 Science Test

Used to identify minerals - some but not all minerals have their own characteristic color
Each mineral has a characteristic density (d-m/v);
When a mineral breaks apart in an irregular way
Substance NOT made up of living things or remains of living things; like clam shells
Naturally occurring, inorganic solid that has a definite crystal structure and chemical composition
Must have the following characteristics: 1. occur in the natural world; 2. must be inorganic - cannot come from from materials that were once a part of a living thing; 3. a solid - definite shape and volume; 4. particles that make it up line up in a repeating pattern; 5. definite chemical composition or range of compositions
Color of a mineral in powdered form. found by rubbing it on a white tile, or ______ plate
The way a mineral reflects light from its surface
Grow atom by atom to form a particular structure; these structures are grouped into six categories based on the number and angles of the crystal faces
Using the Mohs Hardness Scale, this scale ranks ten minerals from softest to hardest
If a mineral breaks easily along a flat surface; In geology, the tendency of a mineral to split along specific planes of weakness to form smooth, flat surfaces