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water in the form of a gas
are huge, strong ocean storms
a device that makes a loud, shrill sound
the degree of heat or cold in something, usually measured by a thermometer
a rainstorm with thunder and lightning
any kind of water that falls from clouds
an area of the United States that has hundreds of tornadoes a year
The a giant spark of electricity.
the big, balloonlike part at the top of a cloud that signals a coming thunderstorm
the loud, rumbling sound that comes after a lightning flash
a pile of snow made by the wind
a fast-moving column of air that appears as a dark funnel cloud
a machine circling Earth that gathers information
an injury to the body caused when cold temperatures freeze skin
A large snow storm
to say what you think will happen in the future
the place where two air masses meet
a person who studies and predicts the weather
small balls of ice that fall from the sky
This happens when there is not enough precipitation in an area.