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Soil Taxonomy Crossword

Horizon similar to Argillic but with kaolinite clay
Most brittle of three pan types
Least developed soil order
Human made high humus horizon
Relatively acidic soil order, found in the Argillic horizon
Human made horizon with high phosphorous content
Soil order with few diagnostic features, occur over wide range of parent material and climatic conditions
Soil order high in organic material, includes peat lands and bogs
Illuvial horizon of accumulated collodial organic matter and aluminum oxide
Soil order similar to Ultisols, found in similar regions, moderately leached
Horizon similar to Mollic but with base saturation lower than 50%
Soil order found in humid areas, often acidic and forested by coniferous trees
Highly weathered soil order, found in tropical regions
Mineral horizon dark in color due to high organic matter. "Fluffy" for a mineral soil
Soil order dominated by volcanic ash
Horizon rich in calcium carbonate, not cemented
Dense, strongly silica-cemented horizon layer
Light colored eluvial horizon, low in clay and oxides of iron and aluminum
Infrequently flooded, organic horizon
Horizon with clay coating or accumulation often trans-located from upper horizons
Horizon formed in wet areas with thick layer of organic material
As the name implies, dry soil order, often contain accumulation of salt or gypsum
Swelling and cracking clay soil order that developes wedge structures in sub soil horizons
Soil order with dark surface horizon, grassland and prairie soils
Horizon with high exchangeable sodium in clay, found in arid regions
Mineral horizon too thin, too light in color or too low in organic matter to be Umbric or Mollic
Soil order containing permafrost
Dark horizon with high organic matter and base saturation greater than 50%
Highly weathered horizon, high in iron and aluminium
Pan horizon cemented by iron and manganese