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Mark Antony

The woman Antony married to make peace with Octavius but later divorced.
What the people turn into after Anotony's speech has convinced them to kill the conspirators of Caesar's death
What is the term for Antony's funeral speech
His ultimate rival
Antony was loyal to _______ even after his death
What did Mark Antony read to the people during his funeral speech for Caesar
Antony's second wife. Led a rebellion against Octavius.
Antony's and Caesar's mistress
The place where Antony and Octavius battled Brutus and Octavius
"O judgment! thou art fled to brutish _____"
Countrymen of Mark Antony
Who did not underestimate Antony and identified him as shrewd contriver.
The leading group of Rome that Antony and Octavius had put together shortly after Antony's speech.
Antony uses this word in his speech over and over again to mock Brutus
Antony was elected as this. A spokesperson for the people of Rome
Where Antony battled Octavius and lost
The man who Antony manipulated into letting him speak at Caesar's funeral
"Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your _____"
He wants to _____ Caesar's death
Antony presented Caesar with this three times and each time Caesar refused it.