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Clues are in English, Answers are in Spanish!

Where the conquistadores came from
Afro-Peruvian singer who won two Grammys, Susana....
A boxy instrument that you sit on
An instrument made from little box--you play it with the lid and a stick
Dancing with percussive feet
An instrument that stands up and has many strings
Six-stringed instrument brought from Europe
Yo no como......, sí señor
Instrument made from a jawbone
The animal on the Peruvian flag
A mixture
Where the enclaves came from
Small instrument with four strings and a bow
The conquistador who came to Perú
La música afroperuana es una mezcla de la música española, africana, y .....
Yo toco....
A little guitar-like instrument from the Andes
Perú was a ...... of España
A big instrument that makes a deep sound and has four strings
Pan-flute from the Andes
The mountains in Peru