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South Africa (Apartheid)

Author: Jeremiah Wright
How many years did Nelson Mandela spend in prison?
Who did South Africa play in the World Cup?
Where blacks allowed to vote after the apartheid?
Was the World Cup of Rugby held in South Africa during Nelson Mandela as president?
What country in Africa was involved in the apartheid?
Did the World Cup of Ruby bring the whites and blacks closer together?
Who took over South Africa before the apartheid?
What was the name of the anti apartheid organization?
Why was Nelson Mandela quickly arrested?
What origin or language did the word apartheid come from?
Who released Nelson Mandela from prison?
The organization that started the whole apartheid movement?
Who was the lead of the anti apartheid organization?
Was there a black teammate on South African's Rugby during Nelson Mandela presidency?
When was the apartheid policy implied?
When did the apartheid end?
Was F.W. de Klerk president during the releasing of Nelson Mandela?
The rigid former policy of segregation that separated the whites from blacks?
Who took over South Africa from the Dutch people?
How did the people feel when Nelson Mandela was wearing a Springbok outfit.
Did South Africa win the World Cup of Rugby?