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5th Grade Sound Review


This woodwind instruments name means "small flute"
A low singing mens' voice
A high singing womens' voice
This is one of the largest percussion instruments from japan. It can be as large as a car!
A very small brass instrument that fits in your pocket
This is a Latin percussion instrument that the player rubs a cloth inside the head which creates a squeaking sound
A medium sized brass instrument that looks like a stretched out trumpet
This is a small woodwind instrument where you hold it in your hand and blow into lots of open holes
A string instrument that mostly plays country music
This percussion instrument is used in many ways from part of a drum set to a pair crashing together on the marching band field
A high singing mens' voice
This woodwind instrument has a single reed
A very large brass instrument that plays the lowest notes in the family
A woodwind instrument from china and japan
A low singing womens' voice
This percussion instrument is also know as a "hand drum" and made of metal
A small string instrument from Hawaii
The largest and lowest sounding string instrument
An Acoustic string instrument that plays lots of different music
The only brass instrument with a slide