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Organizational Culture

Complete the crossword to test your knowledge of organizational culture!
When the majority of characteristics, leadership style, strategic emphases, and organization glue correspond (Cameron & Freeman, 1991).
Focuses on internal maintenance with the need of stability/control; represents a bureaucracy with structure and restrictive workflow (Cameron & Freeman, 1991).
The number of organizational cultures (Bryant 2013; Cameron & Freeman, 1991).
Focuses on internal maintenance with flexibility sensitivity to customers, emphasizes creativity, timeliness and outcomes (Bryant, 2013).
Based on external maintenance with the need for stability and control with structured goals and adaptability (Bryant, 2013).
Occurs when elements cannot be targeted to one type of culture and can be seen as a combination (Cameron & Freeman 1991).
Focuses on external maintenance with flexibility, concern and sensitivity for all individuals (Bryant, 2013).