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Teacher: Ashley
The fifth of the Five Pillars, the journey to Mecca that all Muslims who are able should make in their lifetime.
The leader of the Friday worship service who leads prayers and delivers a sermon. When this word is capitalized, Shi'ite Muslims are referring to the early successors to Muhammad.
The Qu'ran and this go hand-in-hand.
The first of the Five Pillars and central creedal statement of Islam
The main reason Islam split into two divisions is based on disagreement in _____.
The military and political leaders of the Muslim community who succeeded after Muhammad's death.
Islam's primary sacred text, given by Allah and received by Muhammad
The stone cubical structure in the courtyard of the Great Mosque of Mecca, believed to have been built by Abraham and regarded by Muslims as the sacred center of the earth (use book's spelling).
Literally means, "exertion" or "struggle," which refers to both the personal and social struggle to do the will of Allah
the "Seal of the Prophets"
The Muslim place or building of worship
The division of Islam practiced by the majority of Muslims
Third of the Five Pillars; the month of fasting
The number of times Muslims are required to pray each day.