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Science Extra Credit Keira Dempsey

Rate of motion.
Making a complete spin on an axis.
The layer of gas surrounding planet earth.
The star at the center of the solar system, which provides heat and light on earth.
Actions by one that have an effect on a different or separate thing
The imaginary line through earth.
The energy (light) from the sun, that plants need to make food and produce oxygen.
All the living and nonliving things in an area.
The set of weather conditions that prevail in a region year after year.
The four natural divisions of the year based on changed in temperature.
The path an object takes as it revolves around another object in space.
A change in position or location.
An obscuring of light from a celestial body by the passage of an object.
The collection of eight planets and their moons in orbit around the sun.
That which is needed to do work.
Anything that has mass and takes up space.
A natural satellite that orbits a planet.
The sum of all living matter.
A single, self-contained living thing.
The planet that all known life exists on.