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9th Grade vocabulary

dull; monotonous; bland
My teacher says I use poor _____ when I talk because I mumble.
Silly putty is a ____ substance that you can form into whatever shape you choose.
Active at dawn and dusk
self denying; refraining from indulging
unbiased; not subjective
Andrew is a _____ person, he is always happy and runs to the beat of his own drum.
Rose is ______ anytime someone gives her a compliment, she always finds a way to deny their claims.
The state usually provides you with a _____ prompt which can be very boring.
It is a judge's responsibility to remain _____ during the trial.
retract; repeal
to moderate; soften
My cat is _____; He is always running around trying to play when it is time to sleep.
clear pronunciation; accent; articulation
stubborn; willful
Parents often have trouble when their children become teenagers because they turn into _____ young adults.
flexible; not stubborn
My mother ______ed my bed by adding blankets.
free-spirited; carefree
My mother ____ed her comment of me being a perfect child after I got suspended from school.