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Apples to Oregon

Small, round pieces of ice that sometimes fall during a thunderstorm
Looked at very carefully or examined closely
A dry place with little or no precipitation
An objectionable or undesirable animal or person
Large areas of land where people start living in a region new to them
Dried up from heat or lack of moisture
Bad-tempered, difficult, and often do things that are mean
Someone who looks for gold, silver, or other minerals in the ground
A place where people live when they first arrive in an area that is new to them
To sink, hang, or bend down
Waving or moving rapidly
Something delicious to the taste, delicacy
A shrub that grows on the Plains in the West. It smells like sage (mint) and has tiny white or yellow flowers
A person who behaves very badly toward other people, especially by cheating or deceiving
Good luck, success, or a large sum of money or wealth
A kind of poplar tree that has seeds covered with cotton-like hairs
Singing or humming in a low, gentle tone
The act of laying open all the true facts, so as to force a final settlement
To shrink, wrinkle, or wither
To collapse or fall
Important, do not want to lose, dear, beloved
To have expressed ridicule or contempt toward an idea
To move or throw with great speed
Falling or moving downward very quickly
Fashionable and expensive