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Unit 22 Spelling

an animal that has black and white fur, bushy tail and can spray a bad smelling liquid
An animal with grayish brown fur, black mask-like face markings and bushy black ringed tail
A fleshy fruit related to the pumpkin eaten as a vegetable
A salad of shredded raw cabbage with dressing
A model of a duck or bird used by hunters to attract live birds
An upright stand or rack used to support the canvas used by an artist to paint on
A stretch of land forming a single scene having it own appearance
A light vehicle on low runners for use on snow or ice
An Eskimo house, sometimes build of blocks of ice
Huge, gigantic
North American trees that have hard wood and edible nuts with a smooth, hard shell
A warm fur or cloth jacket with a hood
A rough preliminary drawing
A light crisp batter cake baked in a waffle iron
A system of winds that influence the climate of a large area
A cold, treeless area of artic region with low growing shrubs
A water tight Eskimo boat make of skin stretched over a light frame
A soft, heelless leather slipper, shoe, etc
A large sea animal of Artic Regions
A small animal resembling a squirrel but smaller and having a striped back