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Earth Moon Sun Vocabulary Crossword

The force pulling everything down.
A sun-centered universe.
The time it takes for the moon to orbit the Earth once.
The visible part of the moon increasing.
The gas that makes up most of the matter between objects in outer space.
When the sun is in perfect alignment with the sun and the sun is obscured from view.
An Earth-centered universe.
The time it takes for Earth to make a full orbit around the sun.
The shadow cast by the Earth or moon during an eclipse.
An object launched into Earths orbit for a certain length of time for photographical purposes.
When the Earth, moon, and Sun are in alignment.
The time twice each year when day and night are of equal length as the sun crosses the celestial equator.
How the sun makes energy.
When the Earth casts a complete shadow on the moon.
The visible part of the moon decreasing.
The difference between the low tide and the high tide.
Discovered the billions of other galaxys within the Universe, had a telescope named after him.
A darkly contrasting spot that can appear on the sun.
The angle between an object's rotational axis and its orbital axis.
First correct theory of the Universe; figured out that our solar system revolved around the Sun.
The shadow cast on the moon during a partial eclipse.
When the sun and moon are at a right angle, with the earth being in the corner of this right angle.
The time it takes for Earth to make one full rotation.
The varying appearances of a celestial body as it is illuminated by the sun.
Thought the solar system (sun,planets,) revolved around the Earth.