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Relief Sculpture Crossword

Having one object appear multiple times
This means to scratch
The arrangement of objects in a frame using the principles of design as a guide.
To manipulate a material with your hands or tools
A distribution of visual weight
When you place one object on top of another.
A flat piece of clay
When you use a cake decorating tool to create flowers and lines
The arrangement of opposite elements and images
To cut into a material and remove pieces to create an image
When an object continues out of the frame
When you apply liquid clay to create textures you can't make you regular clay
The technique used to attach 2 pieces of clay
When you change the size of objects
A way to apply color to clay when it is still wet
The use of repetition to lead a viewers eye around the frame
The feeling that everything in the work fits together
When you press an image or texture into clay
Making 1 thing stand out as the most important
Where is Ms. Ski right now?