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Soil Revision

Should be applied at a maximum of 75mm depth (5)
The proportion of sand, silt and clay in a soil (7)
A shallow trench used to control water run-off (5)
Sandstone is an example of this parent rock (11)
May be utilised by microorganisms during decomposition when Carbon levels are high (8)
The process by which ammonium is converted to nitrate (13)
Ions may ______ thin layers of water on their surface (6)
Water in the soil which is unavailable to plants (11)
A solute which drives the process of osmosis (4)
Cations and anions in solution combine and become insoluble (13)
Decomposition of organic matter resulting in the release of nutrients (14)
A charged atom (3)
Soils may develop a red colour due to the presence of these oxides (4)
Water is lost to the atmosphere as a gas (11)
Element with the atomic number 15 (10)
Soil material which is not carbon based (9)
May be added when plants show signs of a nutrient deficiency (10)
Relating to the concentration of sodium in a soil (8)
Gypsum is added to soil to fix this problem (10)
Decomposed organic matter (5)
The attraction of water to soil solids and other surfaces (8)
A dark-coloured volcanic rock producing highly fertile soils (6)
Compaction may be a problem in soils which have a lot of this (4)
The breakdown of organic matter by microorganisms (13)
Bacteria which can fix atmospheric nitrogen (9)
Nutrients needed in large amounts by plants (14)
The process by which clay particles join together to form aggregates (12)
May be improved by cultivation (12)
Can be added to increase soil pH (4)
High levels can lead to wilting leaves and burnt leaf tips (8)
Soil colloids usually carry this charge (8)
Slaking soils can lead to this structural problem (7)
The point at which all soil pores are filled with water (10)
A pH of 7 (7)
Decomposed organic matter used as a soil conditioner (7)
Field test performed to determine soil texture (6)
O, A, B, and C are examples of these (8)
A positively charged ion which may be attracted to a negatively charged clay (6)
An ideal topsoil structure (5)