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How Well do you know Your ... Guitar

Have fun solving the crossword!
To play by stroking or brushing the strings
Guitar strings have names, right Martha? Martha says *twang*
A small movable bar place across the fingerboard of a guitar so as to raise the pitch of all strings uniformly
Don't want to lead? There's no shame in playing the ____.
Tune it Up! Use your______.
Music Notes... Not for Me!!!
What do you mean you don't know the first type of guitar?
Difference between Acoustic and Classical
Pop Style Guitar?
What holds your guitar,while you play?
Do you want a solo? Maybe you should play ____ instead of backup!
So many types of guitars!
Strings have to live (under) somewhere.... -just like trolls do!-
Plug in your Electric!
Where do you keep those string tuners?
How do guitars make that lovely sound?
Why must the Classical guitar have only one name?
Mr. Guitar, what family are you from?
A small piece of metal, plastic, bone <- :{ or similar material, used to pluck strings.
Do you decorate your guitar? Maybe you use this for more practical reasons!
How many strings in a bass? -The guitar not the fish. BTW Fish would have 1 string, the fishing line after we catch them.
Strum, Strum, Pluck, Strum. How many strings have you got on there?