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Chemistry Test9

An alloy containing mercury
Iron produced by direct iron production
What affect does the catalyst have on the activation energy?
Used for oral hygiene
Semimetal found in computer chips, glass, and sand
Metallurgy is the science of extracting metals from their ____ and preparing them for use
Le Chatelier's principle describes the effects of ____ on equilibrium systems
Protium, ______, and tritium are isotopes of Hydrogen
A substance that increases the rate of the reaction without being consumed in the reaction
When a system is in equilibrium the rates of the forward and ____ reactions are equal
Metal used in electrical wiring
Most malleable and ductile metal
The theory that when 2 molecules collide and chemically react they form a short-lived activated complex before breaking apart
Red and white allotropes
Precious metal used in spark plugs and surgical tools
Formation of patina on copper is due to this process
Extracted using the Claus process
Most abundant element in universe
Substance being dissolved in a soln
Alkaline earth metal that composes limestone and cement
Chemical ____ is the study of reaction rates and pathways
Ozone is an ____ of oxygen
Airship lifting gas
Alkali metal found in table salt
Necessary to humans and animals
Salts of phosphoric acids
Conduct electrical currents
A decrease in pressure will causes a shift toward the side with ____ moles
Iron ore
Enzymes are catalyst in ____ things
A factor that causes a change in an equilibrium system
Used for the disinfection of water
Cuprite and Malachite are both ores of which metal
Slow down reaction rates
Mixture of 2 or more metals
Most abundant metal in the earth's crust
The rate of a chemical reaction is determined by the total amount of _____ consumed
Cheapest and most widely used metal
Extracted from atmosphere and used in fertilizers
Larger amount substance in soln
The flow of solvent through a semipermeable membrane
Activation energy is the _____ energy that a molecule must possess to undergo a reaction
ammonia used In fertilizer manufacturing is produced by which process