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Biology Test9

Develops in the germinal spot of the egg yolk
Demonstrated life CANNOT develop from nonlife
Cobras, mambas, and coral snakes
Upper shell of turtle
Annual trip to warmer climate
man’s God-given authority to use nature to meet his physical needs
Helpless upon hatching
Occupation of an organism
The principle that animals or plants well suited to their environment are more likely to survive than organisms poorly suited for their environment
Incomplete metamorphosis
Book written by Andreas Vesalius
Snake locomotion in which snake moves forward, coils, then moves forward again
Responsible for popularizing the idea of life evolving from a common ancestor
Mutualism, amensalism, parasitism, and competition are all examples of ___ relationships
Grinds bird's food
Living factors
Storage unit located in bird's esophagus
Bird's thumb
Snake venom that attacks blood
Classification used to describe one organism's feeding relationship to other organisms in its ecosystem
Ostrich, emu, kiwi
Elapids are venomous snakes with immovable ___ in the front of the upper jaw
Slender, burrowing, wormlike amphibians without legs
Artiodactyls are even-toed ____
Chromatophores are pigment cells of ___
The method of snake locomotion in which the snake throws its body sideways
Heat sensitive organs that allow viperids to "see" warn objects in darkness
Milk glands
Ant-eating mammal covered with protective plates
Stiff quill of feather
Gnawing mammals
Cro-Magnon man was named after the ____ it was found in
Pheasants, grouse, and turkeys