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Physical Science Test9

The clarinet belong to this group of instruments
A change in sound frequency caused by an object's motion
Device that uses microwaves to measure the distance and direction of faraway objects
A mixture of all colors
Visible spectrum
Measure of how well a machine converts input work to output work
SI unit of force
"packets" of energy
Rate of work
Most powerful form of electromagnetic radiation
Light that consists of a single frequency
Twinkling of stars
Intensity is the ____ of a sound wave
When 2 notes interfere unpleasantly
Spreading out of a wave after passing through a narrow opening
A lens that is curved outward
Multiplication of force by a machine under ideal conditions
Effects of frequency on the ear
Highest frequency of visible spectrum
The theory based on the ideas that all motion is relative to some reference point and that the (c) is constant in relation to any observer
Class ___ levers have the input force btwn the fulcrum and the output force
"heat rays"
Dark fringe produced by destructive interference
A beam of light containing waves that all vibrate in the same direction
Sound heard after reflecting off an object
High frequency waves used to "see" inside solid objects
Lowest frequency of visible spectrum
Series of organized sound waves with specific pitches that are deliberately arranged
Low frequency waves used for communication
Cyan, magenta, &____ are subtractive primary colors
Technique used for communication through narrow glass cables
Combined effects of 2+ vectors
Electrons are knocked loose from certain metals
The general theory of relativity is the idea that ____ is an effect of the geometry of space
Friction that keeps stationary objects stationary
Theory stating light exists as particles and waves
Process that produces colors by interference of reflected light
Vector representing change in object's position
Violent compression pulse caused by an object moving faster than the speed of sound
Light fringe produced by constructive interference
Demonstrated light consists of electromagnetic waves
Unit used to measure sound intensity
Waves that exist in 3 forms