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International Culture & Cuisine

Unleavened bread that is part of Jewish cuisine
Foods that are forbidden to be eaten according to the Islamic religion
A spicy sauce or stew that is part of Ethiopian cuisine
A licensed slaughterer who butchers animals and fowl following methods described in Jewish dietary laws
Ethiopia's main dish, which is a large, sour dough-like pancake made from a grain called teff
Meat foods described by Jewish dietary laws
Cooperative farm villages in Israel
Iran's national dish, which consists of thin slices of marinated, charcoal-broiled lamb served with plain rice accompanied by a pat of butter, a raw egg, and a bowl of ground suman
A milletlike grain grown only in Africa and the Middle East
Grain product made from whole wheat that has been cooked, dried, partly debranned, and cracked
Foods prepared according to Jewish dietary laws
Arabian appetizers
A plant that produces beans that are ground into cocoa or made into chocolate
A mixture of ground chickpeas, bulgur, and spices that is formed into fries and deep-fried
Flat, round, hollow bread common to the cuisines of Africa and the Middle East
Dairy foods as described by Jewish dietary laws
Foods that contain neither meat nor milk as described by Jewish dietary laws
Jewish dietary laws
Foods considered lawful for consumption according to the Islamic religion