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An angle which has its vertex at the origin, and one side lying on the positive x-axis.
the height from the center line to the peak
circle with a radius of one
the angle that forms when two radii meet at the center of a circle
Vertex at the origin
, the vertex (B) of the angle is on the origin, with a fixed side lying at 3 o'clock along the positive x axis.
a function returning to the same value at regular intervals
A negative angle is an angle measured by rotating clockwise (instead of counterclockwise) from the positive x axis.
drawn in the standard position and both have their terminal sides in the same location
equalities that involve trigonometric functions and are true for every value of the occurring variables where both sides of the equality are defined
the distance required for the function to complete one full cycle.
a stationary straight line that contains a point about which another straight line is rotated to form an angle
Angles in the standard position where the terminal side lies on the x or y axis
The complement is the amount you must add to something to make it "whole"
the plane angle subtended by a circular arc as the length of the arc divided by the radius of the arc