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Spanish Crossword Puzzle

If you go out on a boat and stay there until it’s late, what is it that you might catch with a rod, hook and some bait.
You need to press its button to go to another floor; however this thing won’t move until it has closed its door.
In this game you will not frown if you score a great touchdown.
In this sport you can kick a ball or you can also use your head; try not to do a bad tackle or you’ll be shown a card that’s red
When people board this type of transport into different cabins they are split. It has wings, a nose and a tail and the pilots fly in a cockpit.
I am something people like to climb, but I’m not a tree with branches. I have lots of snow at my summit so beware of avalanches.
When someone races one of these you might hear some tire squeals. We’re not talking about cars though as this only has two wheels.
Rainiest season of the year.
I’m something with a diamond, but I’m not an engagement ring. I am where a sport gets played and you can see a batter swing.
A waterproof jacket you would be glad you wore. If lots of this fell down in a major downpour.
I’m a transport you don’t have to drive which means you can sit back and relax. I can take you across the country not in the air but along some tracks.
I am a type of animal, some say that I have a long face. I’m very good at running fast so people ride me in a race
This is something with a base, that’s often called a box spring. It’s a piece of furniture and a room’s named after this thing.