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Marine Ecology Vocabulary

The area where fresh water from a river is mixed with salt water from the ocean
Much of the shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico, where rivers deposit mineral rich mud, allows _____ _______ to develop in estuaries
Organisms that break down dead matter into organic molecules and simpler compounds
Any individual living thing
Interconnectedness of many food chains in a ecosystem
Organisms, such as phytoplankton, that make their own food through photosynthesis
First ANIMAL in the food chain, like zooplankton
An animal that is food for another animal (predator)
The long, thin pieces of land that run parallel to the shoreline that protect the coastal wetlands
Feeding levels where chemical energy is transferred; from producer through each level of the food chain
Place where an organism lives that is characterized by factors that allow the organism to live there
Swamps located along coastal tropical and subtropical zones, named after the trees that grow submerged in the water
Type of consumer that only eats plants.
The study of the interactions of living things with each other and their environment
ANIMALS that eat the remains of dead plants and animals
Consumers that feed both animals and plants
The sequence of one living organism serving as food for another organism, which serves as food for a different organism.
Living things in an environment, such as plants and animals
Illustrates the organisms of a food chain by trophic level
Non-living elements that create the conditions of an environment
Limestone ridges built by tiny coral animals
Interacting biotic and abiotic factors within an environment
A group of various species that live together in the same place and interact with one another
A group of organisms that are closely related enough to reproduce fertile offspring
All the members of the SAME species that live in the same place, at the same time
An animal that kill or eats other animals