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French Take Home Exam

Simple, folklike, and usually strophic song. precursor to melodie
Fictional spanish would-be knight about whom Ravel and Ibert wrote song cycles
Most important romantic poet and author
Teacher at Conservatoire. pupils include Duparc, Chausson and d'Indy. Founded Société Nationale de Musique
50 mélodies. pupil of Massenet and Franck. Op. 2 contains his most popular songs.
Precocious pianist. 100 mélodies. Bizet said: my "little Mozart"
First composer whose songs were called "mélodies"
Last Fauré song cycle: L'Horizon ___________
Debussy wrote two triptychs of songs based on poems taken from the poetic cycle of the same name
Last name of amateur soprano who was mistress of Fauré and 2nd wife to his rival
French word for a books of published songs
(1875-1937). composer of Histoires naturelles and Shéhérazade
Name of cycle whom Louÿs passed off as ancient Greek Sapphic poetry: Chanson de __________
Last great composer of mélodies
Poet of universal ideas. tricky to set to music. Debussy more successful at it than Fauré
Opera composer Mignon and Hamlet, and Conservatoire director who taught Massenet
Greatest Poulenc song cycle: tel jour, ______ ________
Prolific composer, 256 songs. lyrical fragments and polytonality
Sûrnom of a famous musical family: two talented daughters and conservatory professors for pater familiis
50 mélodies as dramatic as his operas. student of Gounod. (1838-1875)
Symbolist poet set by Debussy, Ravel, Milhaud and Boulez
Set of songs comprising some of Hahn's best known songs
87 songs, 20% by poems of Verlaine. Songs should not be transposed
French word for "song"
Quintessential qualities of mélodie which come from a Baudelaire poem set by Duparc: luxe, calme, et ___________
An period of French poetry whose forerunner was Baudelaire, and main spokesmen were Verlaine & Mallarmé
First name of the Teacher of most major 20th century American composers
Self critical composer of only 17 mélodies, but most are masterpieces
Same clue as 12 across
Composer who brough humor to the mélodie
Impish cycle by Satie
First major french song cycle
Most often set french poet we studied
School of poetry who sought "L'art pour l'art"
Blasted puzzle keeps repeating words! same as 16 down
French symbolist poet. got shot by another famous poet who went to prison
Ravel called him the "father of the mélodie", though mostly known for his operas
Group of composers whose influences were Satie and Cocteau
Famous woman singer and composer; sister of famed vocal pedagogue
100 melodies. 3 periods, difficult to define
Is his name pronounced with or without the "h"?