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Science Crossword Puzzle (some are multiple words but are joined as one)

A very hot liquid in the upper mantle that turns into lava when it comes out of a volcano.
The part of the earth where tectonic plates are.
When two tectonic plates move apart from each other
The second to farthest layer of the earth.
Something that moves the tectonic plates around and helps the move.
The plate above the Indian Plate and next to the Pacific Plate.
Hot magma spews out of the top of this.
A force that occurs when two plates slide past each other and makes the ground shake
A place where three movements can occur; transform, converge, and diverge.
The farthest layer away from us and it is as hot as the surface of the sun!
A generally tall big piece of rock that is form at a convergent boundary.
All the continents combined.
When two tectonic plates collide with each other.
The most common place where earthquakes occur and volcanoes form.
A hot substance that was magma before it came out of a volcano.
Pieces of the lithosphere that are always moving.
A scientist that discovered Pangea and plate tectonics.
The very top layer of the earth.
This big mass of rock has magma under it is is about to explode.
When two tectonic plates slide past each other