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Chemical Bonding and Atomic Structure

Atomic Number of 1 with 1 valence electron.
Type of bond where electrons are shared
Where electrons orbit the atom
Atomic Number of 3 and one valence electron.
Atomic Number of seven with 5 valence electrons
The electrons in the outer shell.
Type of bond where elements from column 1 give electrons to those in column 7
Same number of protons, different number of neutrons.
Nuclear member with a positive charge
Atomic number of 12 with 2 valence electrons.
Atomic number of 17 with seven valence electrons
Negatively charged particle
Holds the positive charge in the nucleus together like glue
An atom that has gained or lost electons
Overall charge when the protons and neutrons are the same.
Atomic Number of six with 4 valence electrons.
Atomic Number of 5 with 3 valence electrons