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Prelude to Civil War

Author of Uncle Tom's Cabin
2018 Grammy winner for best rap/sung duo for "Loyalty".
Clause added to appropriations bill effectively preventing slavery in California.
The favoring of native born Americans over immigrants
The right of residents of a territory to vote for or against slavery.
Philospopher who wrote "A Theory of Moral Sentiments"
Famous conductor of the "underground railroad".
Belief that the US was entitled to expand to the Pacific Ocean; Manifest _______
The formal withdrawal of a state from the Union
Part of Compromise of 1850 permitting return of runaway slaves to ownes.
Pro-slavery senator who deabated the Compromise of 1850
Senator nicknamed "the Great Compromiser"
State called "bloody" because of violent conflicts over slavery
Supreme Court case (1857) that ruled that slaves did not have the same rights as citizens.
White leader of abolitionist raid in Harper's Ferry Virginia