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Physical Education

A test for cardiovascular endurance
The sport that uses a ball and pins
The sport that is similar to tennis and we have played it
Unit we played ultimate, can jam, and learned new ways to throw a frisbee
Happens when the frisbee drops on the ground during ultimate frisbee
The shooting elbow in basketball should be pointing where in relation to your body
During warm-ups we run for a specified amount of time and then are allowed to walk a specified amount of time.
Food group that doesn't provide any nutrients (not really a food group)
The ability of your joints to move through a wide range of motions. Ability to flex and bend
Happens when there is a foul on someone taking a shot in basketball
Food group responsible for muscle growth and repair
Where you score in soccer
Sport that has a foul called travelling
Sport that uses kicking skills, goals, and a ball
How MUCH your muscles can withstand
The foot that should be forward upon release in bowling
Sport that is similar to volleyball, but hits are into a mini trampoline
The number of points you get when you roll the ball between the pin and cone in ulu maika
The number of touches your team can have before the ball must hit the trampoline in spikeball