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Motives for Columbus' Voyages of Discovery

This title was to be given to Columbus if his voyage of discovery and exploration was successful.
Christians in Europe wanted to find new lands in order to _____ the natives to christianity.
An important item obtained by Europeans from the Far East trade was _____.
Columbus was from Genoa in _________.
The religion practiced by Europeans in the 1400's
The traditional over land route used _____ to transport the goods from the Far East.
Columbus sought to prove that he could reach the East by sailing ___
By finding ____ on the voyages of discovery and exploration, Europeans nations such as Spain could become more powerful.
This was built by Prince Henry the Navigator
Arabs were ______
This was the share of any wealth found in the New World which would be given to Columbus
Which European country first started the race to find a sea-route to the Far East?
The Portuguese were trying to reach India by sailing down the coast of _____.
Arabs charged Europeans high ____ for passing through their Arab lands.
______ were religious wars fought between christian Europe and the Muslims.