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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Topic 8 Vocabulary (starts on page 338!)

                                    Name: ___________________
                                    Period: __________________
                                    Date: ____________________
For a polynomial in one variable, the greatest ______ of the monomial terms
The ________ form of a polynomial function is the polynomial function with the terms arranged by degree in descending numerical order
A relative ________ is the value of the function at a down-to-up turning point.
A set of statements put forth to show the truth or falsehood of a mathematical claim
A sum of ______ is an expression of the form a^3 + b^3.
Number pairs of the form a + b^1/2 and a - b^1/2
A way to display or describe information. You can use a ______________ to present mathematical ideas and data.
A monomial or a sum of monomials
A ____ of an equation is a value that makes the equation true.
A polynomial ________ in the variable x defines a polynomial ________ of x.
End ________ is the direction of the graph to the far left and to the far right
A __________ of cubes is an expression of the form a^3 - b^3.
The number of times the related linear factor is repeated in the factored form of the polynomial
Number _______ is the understanding of what numbers mean and how they are related
A ________ point is a point where the graph changes direction from upwards to downwards or from downwards to upwards.
Closely examine objects, ideas, or relationships to learn more about their nature
A relative _______ is the value of the function at an up-to-down turning point.
_________ division is a process for diving a polynomial by a linear expression x - a. You list the standard-form coefficients (including zeros) of the polynomial, omitting all variables and exponents. You use a for the "divisor" and add instead of subtract throughout the process.
Explain with logical reasoning. You can _______ a mathematical argument.
A real number, a variable, or a product of a real number and one or more variables with whole-number exponents
If a linear factor is repeated in the complete factored form of a polynomial, the ____ related to that factor is a multiple ____.