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Science Review

An open path that does not allow electricity to flow
Supports the plant, transports nutrients to the rest of the plant
Rocks made when sediments are compressed or cemented together
A type of change that does not produce a new substance
The breaking down of rocks into smaller pieces
The male reproductive part of the flower
Used to measure the volume of a liquid
Rocks made when lava or magna cools
The movement of objects form one place to another
Female reproductive organ of the flower
Rain, snow, sleet and hail
Produces the eggs for the flower
Holds plant in place and absorbs water and nutrients
Earth moving around the sun
Earth spinning on its axis
Does not allow heat and/or electricity to flow
A type of change that produces a new substance
The stalk that holds the stigma up
Water vapor changing to liquid
Measures the mass of an object
The amount of moisture in the air
Anything that has mass and takes up space
A closed path that allows electricity to flow
Rocks that undergo heat and pressure
The path an object takes around the sun
Water changing to water vapor
Allows heat and/or electricity to flow
The sticky surface found at the top of the pistil
Collects sunlight for photosynthesis
Produces pollen cells
Attracts insects to the flower