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Earth Science

Name ____________________________________
Second planet from the sun
The spinning of a planet, moon, or star around its axis
Occurs when the moon passes through the Earth's shadow
Fourth planet from the sun
The path an object follows as it revolves around another
Star patterns
The movement of one object around another object
The planet closest to the sun
A very large, round object that moves around a star
Fifth planet from the sun
A frozen object that orbits the sun
Includes the sun, the eight planets and their moons, and other objects
When the moon passes between the sun and Earth and casts its shadow on Earth
A circle stretched out in opposite directions
A rocky object that orbits the sun but is too small to be called a planet or a dwarf planet
Imaginary line that goes through its center
When one object in space gets between the sun and another object and casts its shadow on the other object