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Russian Music

Composer of Leningrad Symphony
Boy in Children's Tale by Prokofiev
Music Clue - Who wrote these?
Literary author of inspiration for numerous composers.
An Opera by Shostakovich featuring a facial feature.
Played by what?
Music Clue
Music Clue - What is this ?
Which instrument?
Igor ?
Born in 1865 and died in 1936. Composed nothing after 1914.
What is Prince Igor?
Scriabin's special chord
Drank himself to death
How many symphonies did Shostakovich compose?
Composition featuring Arabian Tales
Music Clue
One of the Five
Tchaikovsky wrote 12. Which is this?
Music Clue
Who wrote 22 across ?
Composer of Night on The Bare Mountain
Music Clue
Opera by Glinka - ? & Ludmila