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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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God's Creatures

Birds of prey that have long, pointed wings
A pink tropical bird
A large monkey without a tail
A primate only found in Madagascar with an extremely long tail
A large reptile with powerful jaws and sharp teeth
A rodent that resembles a mouse yet has a pointed snout and a hairless tail
An ox with shaggy hair
A large cat that is adapt to climbing and is spotted
A slow-moving reptile with a large shell
A bear's offspring
A cat that can run up to 75 mph
An antelope with white markings, like a harness; also has twisted horns
An Arctic whale where the male has a long, pointed, spirally tusk
A large cat with stripes in Asia
An aquatic bird with huge feet; a black bird that resembles a duck
A thin whale that resembles an orca
The largest mammals that walk the earth
A flightless Australian bird
A small insect that lives in a colony
Going on a ___ hunt
A humped mammal
An arachnid that has a poisonous stinger at the end of its tail
An animal with a beard and curved horns that gives milk
An African burrowing mammal that primarily eats insects
A large African mammal that has an extremely large neck
A small burrowing animal that eats meat in Africa
The largest flightless bird that inhabits Africa
An African mammal that has a horn on its nose
A honey eating, hibernating mammal that can live in caves
A crustacean that lives in the ocean
An electric snakes in the water
A small monkey that lives in South Africa
A flying nocturnal animal
Nocturnal bird that are carnivores; their head turns almost 360 degrees