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Educational Psychology Exam #1 Vocabulary Crossword

Cognition is the psychological functioning that involves memory, perception, reasoning, problem solving, language processing, thinking and other things thatthe human mind does in order to effectively function.
Qualia is the personal and subjective perceptions of things in the world.
consists of what we commonly read, write, and talk about.
A discourse that situates learning, meaning, and motivation within individual children.
The concept you develop about yourself that evolves over the course of your life.
Emotions are not located in a single “emotional center,” but are instead distributed throughout this.
The higher level of thinking that monitors a series of thinking processes so you can navigate complex factors and dynamics that are involved in a task in a systematic, integrated fashion
The process of arriving at the "ah ha" moment.
Neurons transmit electro-chemical signals from one direction to the other, from a portion called the dendrite to a portion called the axon terminal,and it connects with another neuron through synapse, a gap separating two neurons through chemical substances called neurotransmitters.
The gut feeling associated with personal theories.
consists of things we know and learn through life experiences, habits, games, experimental learning, and other hands on activities.
Takumi is the style of teaching that incorporates all backgroundsand diversity.
Universally true explanations on phenomenons.
The framework for the thought and process through communication and discussion between each other.
A person's sense of who they are based on their group membership.
A relational experience that is continuously constructing and reconstructing.
Well developed explanations that help make sense of the world.