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World War II Crossword

during world war 2, a group of nations (namely the US, USSR, and Great Britain) who opposed the axis powers.
Japanese suicide pilots loaded their planes of explosives and crushed them into American ships.
political philosophy based on extreme racism, nationalism, and militaristic expansion; put into practice by Hitler in Germany during 1933-45.
Head of Italian fascist party known as I I do's leader of Italy first Fascist Regina during World War II.
1945 conference between US, UK, and SU to discuss Europe's post-war reorganization.
1919 peace treaty at the end of world war one which established new nations, borders, and terms of war reparations.
Leader of Nazi party and third right in Germany during World War II.
military strategy employed by the Allies in the Pacific war; idea was to concentrate limited Allied resources on strategically important islands that were not well defended.
332 fighter group famous for shooting down over 200 enemy planes African-American pilots trained at the Toski key highway flying school.
during world war 2, a group of nations (namely Germany, Italy, and Japan) who opposed the allied powers.
United States military base on Hawaii that was bumped by Japan bringing the United States into World War II Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941.
program under which the US supplied the UK, SU, China, France, and other Allied nations with food, weapons, or other equipment.
nuclear weapons developed by the US to bomb Japan, later developed by SU.
political system where the government controls every aspect of every day life. This type of government sprung about in multiple countries during the 1920's and 30's.
33rd president of US assumed presidency at death of FDR service till 1953 under leadership for US saw the end of World War II with dropping of to Adam bombs on Japan and also the establishment of the Truman doctrine for foreign-policy which seeks to limit the spread of communism.
cultural icon of the US, representing American women who worked in factories during WWII.
German navy fleet of advanced submarines that attacked and sunk Allied ships in the Atlantic; used in WWI and WWII.
political philosophy that advocates a strong, centralized nationalistic government headed by a powerful dictator.
Organization founded after World War II to prevent international peace Corporation.
law passed in 1944 to help returning veterans buy homes and pay for higher educations.