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Canadian Geography

This northern Nova Scotian island.
The lead singer of the Tragically Hip.
The ocean found on Canada's west coast.
Canada's last residential school was located in this province.
The capital city of Saskatchewan.
This province is responsible for 70% of the world's maple syrup exports.
The capital city of the smallest Canadian territory.
This mall is the largest in North America.
Canada's deepest lake.
Toronto and Mississauga are located on this lake.
The city in Ontario where Canada's famous waterfalls are found.
Canada's Great Lake starting with an "E".
Nunavut's capital, Iqaluit, is found on this island.
This town in New Brunswick almost shares its name with a city in Newfoundland.
Canada's national animal.
Another name for the Great Lakes
The acronym to remember the names of the Great Lakes.
The largest of the Great Lakes.
Chanie Wenjack was how old when he tried to run away from school?
The island on which British Columbia's capital is found.
This river flows into Hudson Bay.
This word means to repair broken relationships.
Canada's capital City.
This bay with the world's highest tides.
Chicago is found on this Great Lake.
Canada's national summer sport.
The name of the cone-shaped, portable home made by indigenous people.
This is the largest territory.
The name of the First Nations band that live in the eastern provinces.