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Unit 4 Vocabulary

Something owed to another person; takes money from your pocket
A person who owns stock in the company
The uncertainty of achieving a desired result
A person who takes the risk of starting and running a company
Setting aside money to use later
A piece of a company; can be bought
A person who helps you make investing decisions and guides your investing strategy (two words)
An account to invest in longer-term goals while getting the benefit of tax-free growth and compounding (initials)
The price of a bond, usually $1000 (two words)
Rare or highly desired items that you believe will increase in value over time
Buying something with the expectation that it will make money
Systems established to trade shares of stock (two words)
An amount paid in cash, or shares of stock, based on the amount of stock shares owned
A person who buys stocks and bonds for you; helps you carry out investment transactions
The original amount of a deposit or loan
The degree to which an asset gains, or loses value, over a given period of time (3 words)
Unexpected chunks of money such as work bonuses, inheritances, tax refunds
As interest is added to the account balance, you earn interest o the original balance plus the previously earned interest
How comfortable you are with the ups and downs of investing (two words)
An account set up by your parents at a brokerage company (two words)
Funds that invest in a variety of stocks/bonds to meet investment objectives (two words)
Having a variety of investments; an important risk-reducing strategy
Amount to be paid to use someone else's money, usually a percentage of the principal
When you lend money to a government or company
An item of value that can be converted into cash