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French Crossword

You get on this to go to Dallas.
The left lane is used to ____.
Where you park.
Use this if you have a flat tire.
You came to an utter ____.
Fill this up with gas.
Do this to your car after a car accident.
Put the car in ____ to get out of the car.
Your car stops working when it _________.
What you drive on.
Keeps the car from rolling.
Identification needed to drive.
Used to tell if you need gas.
Exacted as a penalty by a court of law.
Shows what is behind you while driving.
Used to manuver the car.
Don't forget to ______ your seatbelt.
Helps to prevent a lot of damage during a car crash.
Colliding with another car.
You do this to your car every couple of months.
Do this to come to a stop when driving.
Used to put the car into gear.
Keeps the engine in good condition.
Needed to run the car.
You do this to a baseball with a baseball bat.