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Grade 7 Spelling words

When I'm really hungry I don't just eat a BigMac, I ____ it!
What you are when you don't want people to know your identity.
You wouldn't want your dog to be like this (unless you wanted to be protected from intruders!).
Standing still; not moving.
Be grateful for something
When you don't get enough sleep it is called sleep ____
Tough, able to bounce back from difficult situations.
My matric dance outfit wouldn't be complete without the right ___
A rapidly spreading contagious disease
Extremely happy and joyful
What your parents give you if you've been naughty
I wish my parents would realise that I am an ____ person with my own ideas.
You could say that this is the opposite of
A medical condition that makes it very difficult to breathe.
Typo is the best place to get this.