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Psychology: Perception

The ability to see in three dimensions and to judge distance
An entryway for sound waves
The "whole" or the organizational patterns that we tend to perceive
Perceiving the size, shape, and lightness of an object as unchanging even as the image of the object on the retina of the eye changes
Depth cues that require the use of both eyes
A binocular depth cue related to the tension in the eye muscles when the eyes track inward to focus on objects close to the viewer
The controversial claim that perception can occur apart from sensory input
Converts light received from the lens into neural signals,and sends those signals to the brain for visual recognition
A mental predisposition to perceive something one way and not another
Visible portion of the ear
A binocular depth cue resulting from slightly different images produced by the retina of the left eye and the retina of the right eye
Determines eye color
Depth cues that require the use of only one eye
A laboratory device for testing depth perception in infants and young animals
Sends sounds to the auditory nerves