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Author: Tio Dave
Partner to behold
Famous fiddler
They love standards
Coffee for sissies
Its world headquarters is located in Beaverton
Highest elevation
A special annual parade
Woody's ex-partner
Professional arena football team
Boolean operator
Majority of the population lives in this valley
A type of strategic analysis tool
In Morse Code, if it's not a dash, it's one of these
State flower
One of three national parks
Lowest point on an outboard motor
NBA team
The longest division of geological time
He opened each episode of Fantasy Island with this: "Ze Plane Ze Plane"
Patriarch of the Clampett's
Largest city
Largest for-profit employer
Pepe Le Pew's calling card
State bird
You can find them on the coast
Archie's better half
Variety of grape that Oregon has become famous for
A tough negotiator
Exclamation after an errant shot
You'll need one of these, if you're going fishing
The downfall of many a man
Where Mork was from
Along with 8-across, the state rock