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8th Science: 7.1-7.2

Type of radiation that causes tanning and sunburns
The blanket of gases that surrounds our planet
Refers to the decimal equivalent of solar radiation that an object reflects
Layer of the atmosphere that has strong, steady winds but few changes in weather
Radiation belts that surround the earth and trap particles from the solar wind
The process that traps heat in the earth's atmosphere
Marks the upper boundary of the thermosphere
Heat transfer by electromagnetic waves
The atmosphere's weather layer
The coldest point in the atmosphere
The least understood layer of the atmosphere
Heat transfer by moving currents of hot air
The scientific name for the northern and southern lights
Layer of the atmosphere characterized by high temperatures
Refers to the amount of energy available to heat the earth's land, water, and air
The layer of the atmosphere that acts as a shield to protect the earth's surface
The outermost layer of the atmosphere
The process in which the temperature of a gas rises as the gas is compressed with no heat loss is ___ heating
The most abundant gas in the homosphere
Layer of the atmosphere that bounces certain types of radio waves back toward the ground
The most powerful and dangerous form of UV radiation