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Astronomy, 6th grade

A chunk of rock or dust in space, generally smaller than an asteroid (and no tail, so not a comet).
This is the word for a fake or false science that does not follow the scientific method, does not develop testable hypotheses; it produces claims that are not backed up by evidence.
According to the Big Bang theory, This is one of the gasses that was formed soon after the "big bang".
The law of ______________________ says that all objects that have mass attract each other; larger objects have a greater gravitational force, pulling others toward them.
These are remnants of a star. Very dense; the volume is comparable to Earth's volume, but they have as much mass as the Sun.
This is the name of our galaxy.
This planet, like Uranus, is blue (because of methane in the atmosphere); it also is very stormy because its atmosphere is constantly changing. It is the 8th and last planet from the sun.
The early model of the universe that put the Earth at the center of the universe; all other objects in the universe orbited around Earth in perfect circles. The circles were perfect because all things in the heavens were believed to be perfect.
The first four planets, rocky and smaller than the outer planets, are called _____________ planets.
This is the second planet from the sun; it is similar to Earth in mass and size. It has a thick atmosphere, and a surface with craters and volcanoes. The thick atmosphere creates a greenhouse effect (trapping gasses in); therefore, this planet and our planet Earth are the only two planets that have this greenhouse effect. Also, this planet is one of only two (the other is Mercury) which does not have at least one moon.
_____________ galaxies are young galaxies; they have stars that are still forming, and lots of gas and dust (from which new stars will form)
(Last name only). This scientist used mathematical evidence to prove that the planets (including Earth) revolved around the sun.
Two words: what we have sent to explore Mars.
This theory (2 words) says that all matter in the universe was once a single point, and that gravity and energy caused the matter to expand
This occurs when the Earth is directly between the sun and the moon; sunlight is blocked from getting to the moon.
According to the Big Bang Theory, the universe is _______________ and cooling.
The Roman Catholic Church sentenced Galileo to (two words) this punishment because of his support for a heliocentric model of the universe.
The phase of the moon when the entire face of the moon is lit and facing earth.
There are about 100 ___________ galaxies in the universe.