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Past participles as Adjectives

That couple is separated.
The street was crossed.
The forest was bettered.
The homework was taken out.
The letter was mailed (sent).
The car was fixed.
The paper was found.
The oil was conserved.
Dad is surprised.
The shirt was washed.
Jose is confused.
They are divorced.
The living room was painted.
The form was signed.
The paper was filled in.
The classroom was dirtied.
The trash was reduced.
Mom is angry.
The disc was erased.
The ocean was protected.
They are married.
The city was contaminated.
Juan & Eva are in love.
She is tired.
Elena is bored.
The cat was gifted to me.
The house was destroyed.
David is interested.
The pork was cooked.
My desk is disorganized.
I'm so relaxed.
The photos were saved.
Anita is depressed.
The kitchen was cleaned.
The boy was called twice.
The floor was swept.