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Grade 5 Crossword 3/22/18

Done in a regular, orderly way
A musical piece for one voice or single instrument
To go to cause to go faster; to bring about at an earlier time
To walk without hurrying; to stroll in a relaxed, unhurried manner
To be joyful; to show great happiness.
The touching or joining of two things. The condition of being in communication with others. To communicate with.
Certain, sure
Height above sea level or the earth's surface
The greatest or highest number or amount
Worried, concerned. Eager; wishing strongly.
A place for an animal in a barn; a small stand or booth where things are sold. To suddenly lose power. To delay by being evasive.
A lack of doubt, a feeling of being certain. Trust in another to keep a secret
Having the appearance of not caring; seeming to show a lack of concern
A building where aircraft are kept and repaired.
Great uneasiness
Very happy.
To go on, especially after stopping for a while; to continue
Giving energy to,refreshing
To make stronger by giving support; to make ready for a shock; to prepare. Something used to support a weak part