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Algebra Review Puzzle #1

Name: __________________________________

Algebra Teacher: _________________________
This illustrates how each of the domain is paired with an element in the range.
Symbols used to represent unspecified numbers or values.
A set of ordered pairs.
In a relation, the value of this variable determines the output.
The variable in a relation with a value that depends on the value of the independent variable.
The numerical factor of a term.
A set of numbers from which replacements for a variable may be chosen.
These contain the same variables, with corresponding variables having the same power.
A set of numbers or coordinates used to locate any point on a coordinate plane, written in the for (x,y).
This indicates the number of times the base is used as a factor.
A replacement value for the variable in an open sentence.
A point is a relative ___ if there are no other nearby points that have a lesser y-coordinate.
This type of expression consists of sums and/or products of numbers and variables.
The second set of numbers of the ordered pairs of the relation.
This describes how the values of a function behave at each end of the graph.