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Easter Resurrection

Resurrection Sunday. On __, Jesus delivered Christians from death & the devil
Country dad. Ma & __ shop
Cut the lawn 4 Easter egg hunt
Seismic event. An __ shook Jerusalem as Christ was on the cross
Tombs. All in their __ will be raised to Paradise or Perdition. John 5:28
Pair. Tennis scoring is game, __, match!
This planet. God is no more satisfied with this __ than we are. Jesus' miracles are a hint @ what He intends to do about it. Yancey
Substitutionary. Jesus' death was __ atonement 4 my sins
Be seen. Jesus chose 2 __ 2 many witnesses after His resurrection
Sweet treats like chocolate bunnies & marshmallow eggs
Cruel coat material
Get up. All souls will __ from the grave to be damned or enter Paradise
Slurp. 1 __ can make U slip
Text 4 "you are" or Abraham's homeland
Eternity elsewhere. Trusting in Jesus 4 atonement 4 my sins will change my __
An __ of mercy is worth a # of love
Immortal Hero (ab)
Delightful! Easter egg hunts are __!
Scoffing. Roman soldiers enjoyed __ @ Jesus on the cross
Enemy. On the cross, Jesus conquered man's greatest __, death
Conclude. Begin with patience, __ with pleasure
View. Read the Bible 2 __ the future!
Big flightless bird
Extraterrestrial movie
Christ's Jerusalem route to the cross, Via __ or Way of Sorrows
Garden of Gethsemane tree
Dye these @ Easter (unless chocolate or marshmallow)
Depots. Via Dolorosa has __ of the Cross as memorials to Christ's death march
Raising from death. Jesus said, I am the __ & the Life, believe in Me & U will live after death. John11:25
Jail. Jesus' resurrection gives hope 2 believers in __
Blue-green color or word 4 "water"
Average, all right
Slang 4 pastor or gun an engine
Son of Isaac & Rebekah
Predictions. Jesus fulfilled all Messianic __
Astounding. Easter has __ spiritual significance
Nailed to a cross. Jesus was __ 4 my sins
Breezy, not enclosed
Loss of life. Jesus broke the curse of __ on the cross
Delicate ornamental wire art medium
European Union (ab)
Iniquitous. Holy Jesus died 4 __ mankind
Is there a ladder 2 Heaven that is not the cross? John14:6, Acts4:12
Hearing organs. The Gospel is Good News to those who have __ that want to hear it
Inside. Ask Jesus 4 4giveness 2 get __ Heaven
Sport Utility Vehicle (ab)
Method of Operation (ab)