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Science Vocab Crossword Puzzle

A community of organism and the environment in which they live.
An area of land covered mostly with grasses that generally receives less rain than a rain forest.
The area between the land and the ocean that is covered by water at high tide and uncovered at low tide.
Land that is very cold in winter and that is covered mostly with conifers.
All the living and nonliving things that surround and affect an organism.
A behavior that an organism inherits and knows how to do without being taught.
The place where an organism lives and can find everything it needs to survive.
A trait or characteristic that helps an organism survive.
Near Earth's North Pole or South Pole.
An area of land that is very dry.
The death of all the organism of a certain kind of living thing.
The preserving and protecting of an ecosystem or a resource.
A waste product that harms living things and damages an ecosystem.
An area of land covered with shallow water for most of the year.